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Managing a contingent workforce presents unique challenges and opportunities. At Maslow Media Group, we revolutionize how businesses expand and manage their workforce across the United States. Our employer of record (EOR) services eliminate the traditional barriers of growing nationally, enabling you to scale fast, dive into local and national markets, and provide a world-class experience for your international dream team.

We stand at the forefront of workforce solutions and design our services to enhance employee satisfaction, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with employment laws — anytime and anywhere within the United States.


Transform Your Workforce With an Employer of Record

Boost Retention and Elevate Your Employer Brand

Our EOR services enhance employee satisfaction, boost engagement, and support retention. By partnering with Maslow Media, your contingent staff gains access to a competitive tier of benefits traditionally reserved for full-time employees. This bolsters your employer brand while fostering a more committed and satisfied workforce.

    Innovate With Access to Top Talent

    The quality of your team’s output hinges on the talent and integration of your team members. Maslow Media’s EOR services expand your reach to a vast pool of skilled professionals, enabling rapid integration into your projects. This access facilitates innovation, elevates the quality of your media productions, and enhances overall team output through a seamless blend of creativity and technical expertise.

      Streamlined Operations

      Navigating payroll and compliance requirements can divert attention from core business activities. Maslow Media’s EOR solutions are tailored to ensure compliance with U.S. employment laws and streamline your operations. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best while we handle the intricacies of workforce management.

        EOR and the Modern Workforce

        Maslow Media Group recognizes modern workforce trends and the diverse needs of media production projects. We keep up with the evolving talent economy to ensure our EOR services provide clients with comprehensive and competitive value.

        🪪 Skilled Professionals

        Gain access to a wide network of skilled media professionals ready to integrate into your team.

        🪙 Comprehensive Benefits

        Offer competitive benefits to your contingent workforce, akin to those provided to full-time employees.

        💵 Payroll and Compliance

        Let us handle the complexities of payroll and compliance with U.S. employment laws.

        🪄 Cutting-Edge Technology

        Stay informed on how AI, Big Data, and SaaS are transforming talent acquisition, workforce management, and media production.

        📈 Operational Efficiency

        Streamline your operations and enhance your business’s agility by reducing administrative burdens and complexity.

        👤 Increased Engagement

        Foster higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction to improve productivity, cut costs, and elevate your employer brand.

        ⚙️ Innovation and Quality

        Leverage talent and technology to boost innovation, creativity, and the overall quality of your media productions.

        💻 Remote-First Culture

        Understand how EOR services improve workforce flexibility and facilitate a remote-first approach, increasing access to talent and project resilience.

        The ROI of EOR

        Workforce Challenges

        Growing your business across state lines used to mean accepting new complexities, higher costs, and time-consuming processes that delayed hiring.

        • Local entity necessities: Expanding nationwide meant establishing a local business entity in each state.
        • Time-consuming setup: The setup process could extend beyond six months.
        • Prohibitive costs: Initial and ongoing costs made national expansion expensive.

        Lost Talent Opportunities

        Slow hiring processes prevent access to the competitive national talent pool.

        Market Expansion Delays

        Being slow to expand can result in losing the first-mover advantage in new markets.

        Administrative Burdens

        Attempting to navigate expansion complexities yourself consumes valuable time and resources.

        Why Choose Our EOR Solutions?

        Maslow Media Group stands out as the premier media production hiring platform:

        • In-House Operations: From establishing entities to running payroll, we handle everything in-house, ensuring transparent pricing and consistent quality.
        • Rapid Onboarding: We can onboard new team members within 24 hours.
        • Multiple Payment Options: Choose from various payment options to compensate your team efficiently.
        • Dedicated Support: Each client is assigned a dedicated customer success manager for personalized support.

        Future-Proof Your Business

        We’re your partner in navigating the remote-first gig economy, realizing workforce ROI, leveraging the latest technology, and finding — then keeping — the best media production talent. We’re dedicated to providing you with EOR solutions that not only meet today’s staffing challenges but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

        Empower Your Workforce

        Our comprehensive EOR services are designed to eliminate traditional barriers, allowing you to focus on what you do best — growing your business and sharing exceptional media content. With us, national expansion is not just possible; it’s simple, cost-effective, and efficient.

        Maslow Media’s EOR Solution

        We remove the hiring headaches, cutting setup costs and streamlining expansion processes for our partners.

        Simplified Complexity

        We manage all the complexities and liabilities, allowing you to focus on growth.

        Nationwide Hiring

        Our EOR service enables hiring in states where you’ve previously had no operations or owned entities.

        Broad and Deep Talent Pool

        Access a diverse talent pool across every state without the traditional barriers.

        Liability and Compliance

        We ensure compliance with contracts, minimum wage laws, terminations, and other local regulations, managing all liabilities on your behalf.

        Efficient Payroll Management

        We handle classification of W2s and 1099s, tax deductions, pensions, benefits, and government fees — simplifying payroll nationwide.

        Bring Workforce Management Into Focus

        Let Maslow Media Group handle the complexity and liability of national workforce expansion.

        Discover how our EOR solutions can streamline your operations, find you exceptional talent, and elevate your media projects. Join us in transforming the landscape of media production through strategic workforce solutions.

        Let’s bring your creative visions to life.

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